Student of the Month

It's All about Attitude" Students for February!


Finn Ramnarian

5th Grader in Mrs. Vit's HR
Given for being Responsible and Ready to Learn when during warm-up when he didn't
understand a word, used in the dictionary, not the teacher, to help him understand the verb tense of a word.  Way to take initiative Finn!
Given by Mrs. Vit

4th Grade
Kaylee Brogan & Shayleigh Boyle
5th Grade
Aydin Gordon, Jack Kornetti, Pim Noporat, Sadie Kauffman, Reid Caimi,
Finn Ramnarian, Zarriah Tobias & Hugo Moreles Perez
6th Grade
 Evan Hurley, Ketner, Sydney Patrick, Khalia Ballard & Colin Martin