Student Interns


Salisbury University

Berlin Intermediate is fortunate to be a Professional Development School, PDS, with Salisbury University. As a PDS site, BIS teachers, welcome Salisbury University Education Majors into our classrooms where they participate in a co-teaching environment. The collaboration between the interns and mentor teachers' provides extra assistance in the classroom, which directly benefits the students.


Intern 2's (Full time - 8 weeks)
Adriean Hayward - Kelly Thaw
Brianna Johnson - Kate Coates
Jenna McLaurin - Pam Lipka

Intern 1's ( at least 1/2 day (three hours) per week from Sept. 7 - Oct. 22 and Nov. 22 - Dec. 10.  Between Oct. 25 – Nov. 19 they will be at BIS full time) **will be full time interns Fall 2022
Sarah Long - Lori Romano 
Savanah Nilo - Amanda Senter

PE (Full time Interns)
Patrick Dempsey - Susan Johnson
Doug Jones - Ryan Stout

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PDS Leader Award

BIS is so honored to work hand in hand with SU to provide quality PDS experiences.  We are incredibly proud of our own Emma Reider, who was nominated for the Emerging PDS Leader Award.  This is a national award and she is the only undergrad in the Nation to receive it this year.

Pictured (Left to Right):
Sara Elburn, Regional PDS Program Manager
Pam Lipka, PDS Site Coordinator for BIS
Dr. Keith Connors, National PDS awards committee chair
Emma Reider, Intern recipient
Ryan Cowder, Principal
Patti King, Clinical Assistant and Worcester PDS Liason
Paul Gaisor, Clinical Practice Coordinator for field experiences