News and Announcements

Posted on 02/28/2019

March is National Youth Art month and during this time we celebrate students succeeding in their visual arts program. The Globe and Patty Jeans on Main Street continue to collaborate with BIS to exhibit exceptional artworks. The Globe will begin displaying the artwork in the upstairs gallery on March 7 and a few selected arts will be hung in the window of Patty Jeans as well. Artwork will be on display and open to the public until April.

 The following students will represent BIS at The Globe:

Judah Ponds
Riley Merson
Sara Cropper
Ksenia Drakos
Josie Palmer
Sloane Cyburt
Chloe Paddock
Lily Carson
Zoey Wizzle
Payton Piercey
Shayleigh Boyle
Samantha Boger
Laila Lockwood
Keely McGuiness
Paintyn Tyre
Brookes Waters
Addison Somosky

Displayed at the Patty Jeans :

Sarah Nottingham
Hunter Bagnall
Tilly Callahan
Megan Sandt
Brianna Merritt


Congratulations on all your talented efforts!

Mrs. McElhinny (or Mac)