Student of the Month

"It's All about Attitude" Students for May!


 DuPont, Adanya Zahara photo

It’s All About Attitude Student of the Month

Adanya Dupont

6th grader in Mrs. Fraschetti homeroom.  Adanya quickly went to help a classmate whose binder contents scattered everywhere.  She was very thoughtful to help him get reorganized! Given by Mrs. Fraschetti

It’s All About Attitude Students of the Day

4th Grade:

Kylee Funke, Koen Schlict, Julia Wimbrow, Megan Sandt, Jory Luzander-Vaccaro, Lucas Kohut, Addison Brown, Gavin Geiser

5th Grade:

Giovanni Smith, Summer Derry, Emelyn Velasques Navaarrete, Marley Rill, Dennee Smith, Nakiah Pinkney, Brody Bridges, Landon Daniel, Kenny Moseley

 6th Grade:

Frankie Buxbaum, Garv Patel, Addison Conley,
Adanya DuPont, Ava Snelsire